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Ready for a new experience?

Not sure what you want to do? But know what you’re not in the mood for?
Select your interests or your current mood and ‘come STROLL with us.’
Stroll only displays content catered to you and your location. Your experiences are personalized to you!

When you find something you love, you can favorite it and revisit it later. Receive real-time updates, events, and posts from all the places you love!

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No more searching. You’re discovered by your interests and location.

Your personalized Stroll experience is displayed in what we call a ’Glimpse.’ Personalize the display of your Glimpses, categories, and selecting your interests.

Amazing latest features

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Increase revenues

Personalization is proven to increase revenues — 10%

Growth of customers

Growth of customers base increases through location-based marketing — 85%

Location-based content

Improved ROI in marketing campaigns using location-based content — 74%

Geographical content

Schedule geographical content distribution.

Analyze data

Analyze data for better targeted content distribution, in real-time


Control your brand and your content 24/7

Export Stroll content

Export your Stroll content to other Social Media outlets, improving staff productivity

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