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Stroll Dashboard empowers you to leverage your current website content, according to geography. For example, you highlight the entertainment district of your city on your website. Simply copy and paste a portion of that content into Stroll, and upload the content into that specific region of your city so people can Stroll by the district. That’s right, you can create new, customized content and distribute it anywhere within your destination. Schedule the content for now or for a future event.

Real-time tourism

How does it work for my destination?

Destination Marketing

Stroll is a patented, location-based marketing platform
Stroll is pioneering Real-time Tourism, as a patented, first-of-its-class Location Based Marketing Platform

Local Residents & Visitors

Your personalized Stroll experience is displayed in what we call a ’Glimpse.’
Personalization is proven to increase revenues — 10%, and Growth of customers base increases through location-based marketing — 85%

Visitors & Locals

Stroll is a digital experience, connecting cities, sites, and hospitality to its local residents and visitors.
As your Digital Concierge, Stroll delivers real-time, personalized experiences to people based on their current location and their categorical interests or current mood.
What to expect

Has your organization invested in a customized mobile app to engage your members, visitors and local residents?

Would you… like to extend the same opportunity to your members?

Would you… like to engage convention attendees, other visitors and local residents around major events throughout your entire city?

Would you… like to capture “in the moment” visitors?

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