VIBE GUIDE By Stroll takes you along for the ride!

Wish you had a good friend in every new city you’d like to visit? You know the one – someone who will give you the real inside scoop. Or, a close colleague who can tell you EXACTLY what that trendy new restaurant is really like? And wouldn’t you love to dive into all the details of the best live music venues, museums, shopping experiences, restaurants, and chic hotels – and know they’re all within your reach and an attainable price point? 

With VIBE GUIDE By Stroll, that’s what you’ll get! You’ll have access to all this and more – right in the palm of your hand. Or, your mobile device, that is. We created VIBE GUIDE By Stroll to help everyone travel like a local! VIBE GUIDE is a short format television show providing aspirational, yet attainable, travel suggestions and other ideas. Created for online and mobile formats, VIBE GUIDE will be available on various digital platforms including IGTV (Instagram), Facebook Watch, and YouTube. 

We find that too often, travel blogs, content creators, mobile apps, and websites highlight luxurious travel options very few travelers will be able to experience. While the content is amazing and aspirational, it may miss the mark in truly immersing viewers in the tourism, lifestyle, and travel experiences they can access with a moderate disposable income. VIBE GUIDE By Stroll bridges that gap. 

The coolest thing about this new program – it aims to spotlight the best of what each city has to offer, in a way that most tourists never get to see! Stroll’s VIBE GUIDE has carefully selected a dynamic group of influencers for presenting information to viewers in an engaging way. Their energy is palpable, honest, and friendly. An episode of VIBE GUIDE by Stroll will have viewers feeling like their best friend came home to tell them all about their trip or meal at the city’s newest bistro. 

And instead of hearing highly scripted takes on how fabulous and perfect everything was, like in most lifestyle-related content, VIBE GUIDE hosts tell it like it is – the pros AND cons. The end goal of this program series, as well as any Stroll content, is personalized, local engagement. VIBE GUIDE is a fresh way to achieve that!

Meet Stroll’s VIBE GUIDE hosts:

Nik  Brazley,  aka  Quikolas or Q, is  an  influencer  and  the  CEO  of Qreative  Studio, a  creative  services  boutique. Qreative  Studio  has  created for  brands  such  as  Herradura Tequila,  University  of  Kentucky  Basketball,  & The  V  Foundation.  

Mandy  Steward,  better  known  as  Millennial  Monroe  on  social media, is  a content  creator,  model,  and  aspiring  actress.  Mandy has generated more than 85,000   online followers since March 2020.  Her loyal followers love her authenticity, wit, beauty, and candor. 

Miguel Rivera, aka Miggz, is an experienced and talented videography/photographer. A  self-taught  creative,  Miguel  quickly  made  a  name  for himself  in  the  world  of  videography with his  eye  for  composition,  the cinematic  nature  of  his  videos,  and his knack for production wizardry. Miguel has worked with brands such as Adorama, Stoli Vodka, social media influencers and others for travel related content.

Cam  Bertrand,  aka  Cam  The  Comic,  is  an  up-and-coming  comedian, making quite a name for himself on social media. Cam has attracted more than 734,000 followers, and he’s consistently stacking the numbers for follower views and engagement. Cam currently has a standup special called, “Sophisticated Ignorance”. Many consider  Cam  amongst  the  brightest  stars  in  the  next  generation  of comedians.

Download the Stroll App today and check out VIBE GUIDE!

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