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As your digital concierge, stroll delivers real-time, personalized experiences to you based on your current location and your categorical interests or your current mood.

Connecting locals and visitors to cities, attractions & hospitality

Not sure what you want to do? Do you know what you may be in the mood for? Select your interests or your current mood and ‘Come Stroll with Us.’ Stroll only displays content catered to you and your location. Your experiences are personalized just for you!

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Location-Based Marketing

Today’s location-based marketing activities are more advance than more traditional strategies. With two-thirds of the world’s population now connected by mobile devices, location data has emerged as one of the most powerful and important data sources.
On average, people use nine mobile apps daily that often employ location data to help them navigate their lives; we have come to expect our favorite apps and services to use location to be more relevant. In 2017, U.S. companies spent $17.1 billion on location-based marketing and a BIA/Kelsey study forecasts spending will increase to $38.7 billion in 2022.
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Real-Time Analytics

More than 8 out of 10 marketers say location-based advertising and marketing produced growth in their customer base (85%), higher response rates (83%), and higher customer engagement (83%).
Using location data also gave them deeper knowledge of their customers’ needs and interests (77%)and improved ROI for their marketing and ad campaigns (74%). (factual, 2018)
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Destination Marketing

Stroll is pioneering real-time tourism. Stroll is specifically designed for Destination Marketing Organizations to engage their members, visitors and local residents, while empowering local businesses to generate revenues.
“For destination marketers, it’s not enough to just say art, culture, shopping, dining, fun for the whole family. Everyone offers that. There’s no differentiation.” According to the 2019 Travel Distribution Summit, 85% of travelers don’t know what activities they’ll participate in until they get to their destination.
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Stroll works with your mobile device

Receive real-time updates, events, and posts from all the places you love! Historical tidbits, special offers, and keeps you in-the-know to all the local happenings for wherever you are within a city. All the info shows up as what we like to call “glimpses”.

Your personalized Stroll experience is displayed in what we call a ’Glimpse'. Personalize the display of your Glimpses, categories, and selecting your interests.

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To provide a unified, connected experience for all customers and users, that provides joy through basic utility

Stroll is a digital experience, connecting locals and visitors to cities, attractions & hospitality. Your personalized Stroll experience is displayed in what we call a ’Glimpse.’ Personalize the display of your Glimpses, categories, and selecting your interests. No more searching. You’re discovered by your interests and location.



Every business receives a 30 day free trial. After that, it is only $150 per month, which is equal to the revenue of 3-4 customers Stroll will generate for your business in a month.

PROMOTION: Purchase a FULL YEAR of Stroll for only $1,500.

**Must be purchased within your free trial period.**

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