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Stroll Places the Power of Your Brand and Your Content In Your Hands, All While Providing Paths of New Revenue Streams for Your Organization

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Has your organization invested in a customized mobile app to engage your members, visitors and local residents?

Would you… like to extend the same opportunity to your members?

Would you… like to extend the same opportunity to your members?

Would you… like to engage convention attendees, other visitors and local residents around major events throughout your entire city?

Would you… like to achieve all of these will generating revenues?

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``We don’t have control over all the content that gets posted about Music City through third party applications. However, with Stroll, we’re able to truly own our city’s content so we are confident that visitors get accurate and helpful information where and when they need it.``

Debra Smith, Vice President, Visitor Experience Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp

Stroll is a patented, location-based marketing platform, specifically designed for Destination Marketing Organizations to engage their members, visitors and local residents, while empowering local businesses to generate revenues.
  • Local Residents and Visitors
  • Receive real-time attribution analytics through your Stroll Dashboard from your citywide, location-based content

  • Destination Marketing Organization
  • Receive real-time attribution analytics through your Stroll Dashboard from your citywide, location-based content

  • Local Businesses/Members
  • Receive real-time attribution analytics through your Stroll Dashboard from your citywide, location-based content

How Does It Work for My Destination?

The patented platform integrates Edge Computing, Big Data analytics, the Stroll Mobile app and Stroll Dashboard, WiFi, IoT and a host of other modalities to create a unique experience for you to monetize from, while engaging your members and Stroll users.

Stroll Dashboard empowers you to leverage your current website content, according to geography.  For example, you highlight the entertainment district of your city on your website.  Simply copy and paste a portion of that content into Stroll, and upload the content into that specific region of your city so people can Stroll by the district.  That’s right, you can create new, customized content and distribute it anywhere within your destination.  Schedule the content for now or for a future event.

List of Features and Benefits

Personalization is proven to increase revenues — 10%
Growth of customers base increases through location-based marketing — 85%
Improved ROI in marketing campaigns using location-based content — 74%
Schedule geographical content distribution
Analyze data for better targeted content distribution, in real-time
Control your brand and your content 24/7
Export your Stroll content to other Social Media outlets, improving staff productivity


For a limited time, Stroll for Businesses is $100 per month.  If you’re a member of a participating Convention & Visitors Bureau or Chamber of Commerce, contact them for the discount code—yes, you get a hook-up!

***If you’re a Destination Marketing Organization (or CVB) or Chamber of Commerce, contact us here now.  We’ll discuss how you can waive your annual license fee and generate a new revenue stream for your organization.

FAQs for Businesses and Destinations

For destinations, for a limited time Stroll will upload your initial content (up to 100 pieces of content for most cities; larger cities may receive additional support).  Thereafter, you’re completely in control of your brand and content, at all times.  You ARE NOT responsible for the content of local businesses or your members; they are.


Contact us here to discuss via email and let’s discuss more!

Don’t worry…we’re not creepy!  Location-based marketing companies use mobile advertising IDs which do not give them the means to know the individual identity of the person with that ID. Overall, advertisers and the advertising ecosystem have no desire to know or take action on an individual level data. Those in the industry are instead interested in advertising to audience segments as a whole. Additionally, the ad tech ecosystem seeks to protect individual privacy, and therefore don’t offer products that provide visibility down to a single person.  The primary data used to create a location-based audience is GPS data collected by mobile apps. This data takes the form of latitude / longitude coordinates. Stroll uses GPS data, as well as location data gathered from Bluetooth beacons, in order to create audience segments. As is the case with all data, a person must grant permission to an app to share this information.  “Anonymizing” data means not collecting personal details, such as name, email, phone, while putting the data collected into aggregated groups, like coffee drinkers and grocery store shoppers. Location-based marketers don’t have any incentive or interest to ever utilize individual details.

You’re always in control of your content.  You can access your Stroll Dashboard and DIY, or you can pay us to create and upload content for you.

We call it the “White Glove Treatment!”

Yes, absolutely!

It is available, but we do not have relationships with all destinations. Please contact us here via email to recommend us to a desired destination.

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